Sinosteel Shijiazhuang Engineering Design and Research Institute Co.,Ltdabbreviatedas Sinosteel Shijiazhuang Design and Research Instituteis a vibrant modern technology company affiliated to Sinosteel Equipment Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in engineering design, engineering consulting, general project contracting & project management.

Located in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, Sinosteel Shijiazhuang Design and Research Institute was founded in 1971.Its service scope covers more than 30 fields, such as mining, beneficiation, integrated raw material handling, sintering, pelletizing, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling, ferroalloy, coking, general layout and transportation, materials (including metallurgical material, refractory material, carbon material and other new materials), facilities, industrial and civil construction, water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, gas, heating power, ventilation, engineering economy, etc.. It has a technical knowledgeable team who is superb in professional skills.

Up to now, there are 370 members of staff in all, 90% ofwhich are technology professionals,including 26 professor level senior engineers, 100 senior engineers, and more than 100 registered members. In addition, there are 3 win the title of design master in the field of National Nonferrous Metal Construction Industry Engineering.

At present,Sinosteel Shijiazhuang Design and Research Institutehas been awarded Class A qualifications on metallurgical industry, construction industry (constructional engineering), telecommunication tower engineering, EPC, metallurgic engineering and construction consulting,Class B qualification on building materials industry professional and Class C qualification on urban and rural planning.In the meantime, we have been awardedthe management systemcertification ofquality-environment-occupationsafety. Our institute has the ability to organize and manage large and medium-scaled projects.

After more than 40 years’ development, both the overall design ability and design level ofSinosteelShijiazhuang Design and Research Institute are constantly improving. Gradually, we have acquired the abilities and the unique advantage of overall design and general contracting on mining, beneficiationcomplex project, steel complex enterprise and other industry projects.

Through actively exploration in different industries and areas and relentless pursuit,SinosteelShijiazhuang Design and Research Institute has gradually formed a diversified operating pattern on engineering designinmingindustries, steel enterprises, urban constructionsas well as communication engineering towers.

The current leading products include gold, nonferrous metal, non-metallic materials of mine, the design for annual output of 3 million-5million tones of underground iron mine, the design for annual output of 10 million tons of open iron mine,180-450m2sintering,1,000-3,000m3blast furnace,100-200tconverter , continuous rod production line, medium width strip production line, high alloy steel bar production line,oxygen engineering design over 20,000-40,000Nm3/h, design forindustrial and civil architectural, design for communication tower and so on.

Over the past 40 years, Shijiazhuang Design and Research Institutehas accomplished over thousands of projects in scope of design, consulting, project management and project contracting services providing for more than 200 enterprises both indomestic and overseas. The customers are distributed throughout the country, and wesuccessively developed different types of technical exchanges and cooperation with Japan, Germany, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, South Africa, Bolivia, Cameroon and other countries. The projects which we’ve undertakenreceive a very good reputationby domestic and overseas customers.